Office Tour

Waiting Room. This is where you will check in and be prepared to be escorted to your bedroom. 

We have 6 bedrooms in our Ocala location, you will be escorted down one of these hallways.

You will be escorted to one of these private bedrooms. Each room has a queen size bed, multiple fans, a 2-way communicator and flat screen TV's. Most rooms have a heavy duty lift chair if you need to recline.

You will be monitored from the sleep technologist work station, commonly referred to as the "tech station"

The Work Station. The sleep technologist will monitor everything from these high speed computers using infrared video monitoring. They will be seating behind this mirrored glass. 

Mirrored Glass

We have a conference room for more detailed discussion of sleep disorders or medical equipment. We often host meetings with other professionals in the sleep industry to discuss innovative treatment advances and case studies. We do this to ensure that you are receiving the latest recommendations based on the current medical accepted practices.  

We have 3 handicap accessible bathrooms  available to our patients, as well as a shower with sitting bench.  We encourage our patients to stop in a visit the facility prior to testing, this will help make you more comfortable. All of our sleep technologist are certified through the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologist and have earned the credential of RPSGT. We also have Clinical Sleep Educators, Registered Sleep Technologist, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians, available to assist at every step.