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Having trouble sleeping?

Not getting enough sleep can have dramatic effects on your health and productivity. Many studies and reports have linked insufficient sleep to depression, ADHD, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Back in 2014, the CDC labeled sleep deprivation a public health epidemic—with over 70 million adults suffering from a sleep disorder. We think you owe it to yourself to get the sleep you deserve.

Our facility in Ocala Florida offers the latest in sleep testing procedures and equipment. In-lab testing, Multiple Sleep latency testing, pediatric testing, and sleep consultation are just some of the services we offer here at Florida Sleep Solutions. You can find out more about the experience on our What To Expect page.

Sleep test before spending money

Consumers spent $41 billion on sleep-related products in 2015, a figure that could rise to $52 billion by 2020. With all that money being spent in this booming industry it might be wise to find out whats wrong before investing in an expensive bed or pillow.

Consult your doctor about our Sleep Lab Services for the necessary referrals. We are ready to help you get the rest you need.

Image of the Front of Florida Sleep Solution's Ocala Facility
Image of the Front of Florida Sleep Solution's Ocala Facility

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