GOT Congestion?

Posted at 4:16 am on 09/16/2015 by Calvin Cook, MBA/HCM, RST, RPS
One of the most difficult things to deal with when trying to obtain a good nights sleep is nasal congestion. Moreover, if you are a CPAP user, congestion can create a world of troubles. There are many nasal decongestant products on the market, some stimulate you when your trying to relax, others, like nasal sprays, can lead to horrible rebound congestion. I have always been a fan of natural medicines and would prefer a natural remedy, rather than ingesting a synthetically created product, even if our FDA says its safe (because they have never been wrong before...). The only issues with natural products is they sometimes take a little longer than I would like to work. 

I recently was introduced to a product called Respigard, created by Natures Nurse, using red mangroves. These mangroves have survived some harsh living environments and have developed some neat characteristics. A study conducting with Dr. Carroll (Largest Asthma Institute in US) in Atlanta found that 79% of his participants had most or all of their cold symptoms (including congestion) cleared up within 24-48 hours. That's as fast, if not faster, than most cold medicines. Nevertheless, I carried a bit of skepticism.
I acquired a bottle of Respigard and was pleasantly surprised and amazed that it actually works. I suffer from horrible congestion, and as a CPAP user, have always had to breathe through my mouth. With CPAP therapy, this causes a lot of dryness, which leads to discomfort and eventually, deep rooted dislike for my CPAP therapy. However, since I have been taking this product, it has helped me enormously. I currently give it to my daughter, whose 3, for all those pre-school bugs she likes to bring home. And by the way, actually taste good.

So consider this an endorsement and I intend on sharing this information with all our patients who have to use CPAP or who suffer from congestion. If you would like more information about this product, visit I will currently work to see if we can distribute and you will be able to purchase from this website.

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